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Sound Balancing

Caroline completed her Sound Balancing training with the Sound Healing Academy run by the Sound Healing Institute. She has also received one-to-one support from renowned researcher and practitioner Eileen McKusick from America.   Caroline specialises in the use of a variety of different tuning forks including Harmonic Spectrum, Solfeggio and Chakra tuning forks.


       Certified and fully insured therapist.

       Practitioner Diploma in Sound Healing specialising in a wide range of tuning forks.

       One to one support from Eileen McKusick, an international sound researcher and healer.

       Individual and personally tailored sessions.

       Incorporating powerful and effective techniques.



Deeply relaxing for mind, body and soul.  Experience a heavenly sound bath with tuning forks and singing bowls.

1 hour session £38


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