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Past Life Regression


How can Past Life Regression Therapy help me?

Why do people have Life Regression Therapy?

Many of our current life issues, concerns and relationship problems come from past-life experiences.  Understanding how these began can help release us from the past and free us from these issues.  In turn, this can help heal the present and create a better future for us.

  • Understand more about ourselves in positive ways by reconnecting with happy experiences,  skills, talents and abilities that will help us in our lives today

  • Remove invisible blocks by understanding the root cause and therefore freeing us to move forward to achieve our goals and dreams

  • Release us from the past, helping us to heal the present and create a better future

  • Heal relationships by discovering how you were connected in previous lifetimes and use this for positive change

  • Overcome fears and phobias by uncovering the root cause of these issues, enabling you to release unwanted baggage preventing you from moving forward

  • Unlock your dreams to help you discover your life direction.

  • Gain clarity about your true life purpose to experience happiness and fulfilment

  • Release fears of death and dying.  When you learn about past lives it becomes impossible to fear death and dying.

Past Life Regression Therapy has many benefits and can help us:

You may be interested in Past Life Regression Therapy for a number of reasons.  Perhaps you are drawn to a particular period in history, a specific country or style of clothing from the past.  Maybe you have experienced deja vu moments, flashbacks or vivid dreams and you are curious to discover what you did in a previous lifetime. 

Others are drawn to Past Life Regression Therapy to seek understanding about a relationship problem, illness or to overcome invisible blocks in their lives.  Whatever your reason, Past life Regression Therapy can help you discover and connect with your past lives to create positive and lasting change.

Who can have Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a natural and safe therapy  suitable for most people.  There may occasionally be times, however, when it is not suitable for an individual.  This can include when someone is in the midst of a life crisis that needs immediate attention or if someone is highly agitated.  If in doubt, please contact us to discuss your specific situation. 

You don't have to believe in re-incarnation to have a successful Past Life Regression Therapy session.  You just need to be willing and open to the experience. 

How does a Past Life Regression Therapy Session work?

On your first appointment, if you have not had Past Life Regression Therapy before, your practitioner will explain the process and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.  This is an extremely important part of the process. 

Following this, a detailed health history will be requested and you will need to sign a consent form.  This information is for treatment purposes only and will be kept confidential. 


During your first session we will discuss your specific goals and intentions which will be revisited at each subsequent session.  What happens during a session is tailored to your needs and wishes.

The first part of all sessions is called the induction and is where you are lead to a very relaxed state. A number of different techniques are used to help achieve this including guided visualisation, counting and progressive muscle relaxation.  


The next stage unfolds in different ways and the therapist is always guided by you.  During this stage you are able to communicate with the therapist as you normally would in everyday waking consciousness.  The therapist will facilitate the session by asking questions about what you are experiencing which helps to progress the session.  At all times, the therapist will be guided by your responses and mindful of the intentions set at the outset of treatment.  

​The final part of your session is a key part of the therapy process and gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experience in relation to your current life situation.  During this part of the session you may be guided to:

    Understand how decisions, feelings and viewpoints from the past       may be affecting the current lifetime

    Summarise the issue or major script that was produced from the      past life experience

    Detach from the experience and viewpoints of the lifetime you        have experienced and know the truth and purpose of the lifetime.

    Experience 'closure' from past life events.

How will I experience a Past Life Regression?

During a Past Life Regression Therapy session, you may experience one of several different reactions as you allow the information to unfold and flow.  Everyone's regression is unique to them and there are no right or wrong ways.  Past life memories will come to you in the way that is right for you.  The key is to stay relaxed , trust the process and don't  try to force things.  Some of the things you may experience include:

  • Seeing yourself quite clearly

  • Seeing quick or fleeting impressions

  • Knowing or understanding without seeing - inner knowing

  • Feeling as if someone is telling you what is happening without you seeing it

  • Experiencing an overview with glimpses of several lives

  • One life revealed in great detail

  • Focussing on the emotional effects of past life experiences

  • Images or moving pictures from past lives like pictures in a book or a movie

  • Awareness of several past lives on one theme

  • Experiencing your higher self or a guide leading you

  • Having a mystical experience

As the regression progresses, you will most likely find the impressions become stronger.

How do I know I'm not making it all up?

Everyone experiences a past life regression in his or her own way.  Frequently, people experiencing a regression for the first time think they have 'made up' their experience or feel they have imagined all of it and this is quite natural.  But then little things will begin to happen that slowly provide validation to what you experienced.   Another validation can come from the strong emotions that can arise during a session. 


To get the most from your Past Life Regression Therapy, keep an open mind and don't analyse the experience during the session.  You will have plenty of time for that later.  Simply let the information unfold and flow into your mind without questioning it.

What if an unpleasant memory arises?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a safe and natural method and you will only experience what you are ready to experience.  You remain in complete control at all times and can open your eyes and come back to everyday waking consciousness at any point, should you wish.  Just as in hypnotherapy, you are not asleep and there is no risk of you getting 'stuck' in a past life.  During a Past Life Regression Therapy session,  you remain aware of your surroundings and in a state of daydream type thinking.

Experiencing emotionally charged images are often quite useful therapeutically for facilitating  insight, understanding  and healing.  A successful technique often used when experiencing such feelings is to imagine you are floating above the scene or observing it from a distance.  An important point to re-iterate is that you remain in complete control and can end the session at any point, should you choose to do so.

What if things come up during a session that I don't want to share with the therapist?

Although it is more helpful for your therapy to discuss what's coming up, you are under no obligation to do so and if you don't wish to share what you are experiencing, you can simply keep quiet.

During a Past Life Regression Therapy session you can communicate as you normally would with your therapist and you can simply ask to observe the scene without talking about it.  You can then ask to move to another memory or end the session should you wish.

Is there any chance of becoming 'stuck' in the regressed state?

Absolutely not.  Just as in hypnosis, Past Life Regression is a natural state of relaxation which you can come out of whenever you wish.  There are many layers of the conscious mind and during Past Life Regression you are simply accessing helpful  past life memories and experiences that are stored within your subconscious mind.  This is achieved through using natural relaxation techniques.  It is important to remember that during Past Life Regression, you remain in complete control and can come out of regression at any point, should you wish.

Can everybody be regressed?

Evidence shows that approximately 98% of people access past life memories in some form.  Setting your goals and intentions at the outset is as important as coming with an open mind.  Your intention is key and you will get what you set out to get.


Past life memories will come to you in the way that is right for you.  Staying relaxed and trusting the process helps memories and experiences to flow.  If you actively analyse the process during the session you may stop the flow of impressions. 


Your mind is on a journey through your soul's experiences of lifetimes.  Let it travel freely.  Analysing your experience is a key part of the session and will be done once your regression experience has finished after you have collected the information.


Occasionally, there are a few people who do not experience anything during a regression and this can be for a number of reasons:

  • It may not be the right time.  This is why it's important to go for a regression only when you feel it is right.  It is never a good idea to go just because someone else has had the experience.  You will know when the time is right and you should always be guided by your own intuition

  • Unconscious fear of what may come up.  Acknowledging and discussing any fears at the outset may help to prevent this from happening

  • Distrust of the whole process.  You don't need to believe in reincarnation to have a successful regression but you do need to be open to the experience.  If you are distrustful of the whole experience you are unlikely to be reading this.  However, if you are, then Past Life Regression Therapy is not the right thing for you at the moment but there are many other therapies that are

If in doubt, feel free to contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Can I try Past Life Regression at home?

Absolutely.  At the end of your Past Life Regression, we can discuss techniques for accessing further past life memories and experiences in the comfort of your own home.

Is it possible to record a Past Life Regression Therapy session?


This service will be offered in the near future.  Please ask for further information.

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