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A gentle healing treatment to re-balance mind, body and soul...

Usui (Usui Reiki follows the original teachings of Mikao Usui). Caroline holds the following Usui Reiki qualifications: Usui Reiki Levels, I &II, Usui Reiki Level III (Advanced Reiki training), Usui Reiki Master and Teacher.

Karuna Reiki (evolved from Usui and Tibetan Reiki). Caroline holds the following Karuna Reiki qualifications: Karuna Reiki I & II Practitioner


Learn Reiki and let the real you shine!

Learning  Reiki opens you up to peace, love and happiness and can support you and your family in all areas.  It’s not just for people who want to become healers – it’s for anyone and is not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability.  Once you have learned Reiki, you can apply self Reiki whenever you feel out of balance and it’s a great tool to help you manage stress.

Why learn Reiki?

There are many benefits to learning Reiki.  Reiki can help you achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and is a truly holistic therapy.  One of Reiki’s greatest gifts is that it allows us to reveal our true self, to see our strengths beauty and gifts.   Reiki helps us lift the veil empowering us to accept and embrace all that we are (light and dark).

Reiki can help you:

Enhance inner peace, calmness and joy; decrease anxiety and worry

Increase self-confidence and self-love; decrease self-doubt

Manage stressful situations and periods in your life

Learn to relax more deeply – just the same as when you receive a Reiki treatment

Become more grounded and balanced

Manage pain

Learn self-healing techniques to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal

Support a family member or yourself through health challenges

Be more of who you truly are

Gain increased clarity, sense of purpose and creativity.

Learning Reiki is a beautiful journey and has the power to transform your life.  The more you practise Reiki, the more its benefits reveal themselves in all areas of your life.

What does learning Reiki involve?

Reiki is taught in stages or levels and each level is very much a personal journey as you open your mind and allow Reiki to fully enter your life. As a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher, I offer Usui Reiki workshops in three levels – Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III or Master Level. Learning Reiki to Master Level would normally take 9-12 months as it’s important to take the time integrate what you have learnt before moving on to the next level.  Courses are run in small groups or can be arranged on a one to one basis.  There is no requirement to complete all three levels.

The ability to learn and practise Reiki involves a simple ceremony called an attunement at each of the different levels.  The purpose of each attunement is to formally acknowledge or recognise the beginning of your learning at each stage on your Reiki Journey.

Curious about learning Reiki?

We appreciate that learning Reiki is a big step whatever your reasons for wanting to learn.  Often you are drawn to a particular teacher so maybe it’s no surprise that you’ve landed on this page!  However, you may still have many questions before embarking on your Reiki journey and it’s always best to chat these over.  If you would like any further information, please get in touch.


Reiki Level I


Reiki Level II


Reiki Level III




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