Facial Reflexology

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Will facial reflexology help me?

Naturally relaxing and therapeutic, facial reflexology is a holistic treatment carried out on the face.  It is a non-invasive therapy based on the same principles as foot reflexology that Reflex points on the face connect to specific parts of the body.  Stimulating these points helps balance the corresponding body parts. 


Facial Reflexology:

  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, facial reflexology involves the application of gentle facial massage techniques which help to stimulate specific reflex points and zones on the face and scalp

  • Helps promote a sense of deep relaxation through the release of endorphins which help to calm and relax the mind and body.  Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production leaving the skin feeling glowing and refreshed

  • May help alleviate symptoms of stress and fatigue

  • May help with localised issues of headaches, migraines, sinus problems,  teeth grinding and Bell’s Palsy.

What happens when I go for a facial reflexology treatment?

Facial Reflexology is an extremely relaxing treatment and most people experience greatly reduced tension and stress following a treatment.  You might also notice an improvement in your mood and sense of wellbeing as well as an improvement in your sleep.  You may also notice an improvement in other aspects but this happens on an individual basis.  

Ayurvedic  Facial Reflexology

An Ayurvedic facial reflexology experience begins with the application of various targeted facial massage techniques.  Key energy points from Ayurvedic tradition known as marma points are massaged with warm tridoshic oil.  Tridoshic simply means balancing whichever doshas are out of balance.  (In Ayurveda, the doshas are known as vatta, pitta and kapha and are the patterns used to describe a person’s constitution in terms of physical, emotional and mental characteristics).

Finally the face is gently massaged using a bronze kasa wand.  The kasa wand is believed to have the same effect as a kasa bowl used in traditional Ayervedic massage to help remove excess heat and toxins and to reinforce marma point work.  The bronze kasa wand is beautifully smooth and glides delicately across the skin. 

Regular Facial Reflexology treatments are recommended to experience the full rejuvenating benefits of Uplifting Facial Reflexology.

How will I feel after a treatment?

Most people experience a sense of enhanced well-being and relaxation following a treatment.  On occasions, however, as the body begins to restore its natural balance some people may feel lethargic, tearful or slightly nauseous for a short period of time.  Reflexologists believe this is part of the body’s natural healing response. 

After a Facial Reflexology treatment, it is important that you drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol as any form of Reflexology can be very detoxifying.  To get the most out of your treatment it is best to take it easy and take good care of yourself after a treatment. 


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