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Facial Reflexology

Caroline is a highly qualified and experienced Reflexologist and has completed Facial Reflexology training with Ziggie Bergman (Zone Facelift Method) in London and Complementary Therapist trainer Helen Harris in Edinburgh.


       Certified and fully insured therapist

       Trained in London with international Facial Reflexologist Ziggie Bergman (Zone Face Lift).

       Trained in Ayurvedic facial Reflexology.

       Registered therapist with Association of Reflexologists.

       Registered with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

       Advanced Diploma in Organic and Natural Skincare Science.



Creating a rejuvenating, revitalising and uplifting effect on your face. Releasing endorphins to relax and calm the mind. Helps stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic draining leaving the complexion feeling naturally glowing and refreshed**.

1 hour session £42


A serenely beautiful, luxurious experience. Balancing and releasing excesses toxins leaving the face glowing and refreshed.  Warm Tridoshic oil, key marma point massage and a beautifully smooth Ayurvedic bowl known as a kasa bowl will leave you feeling totally refreshed.

1 hour session £42

**Our unique 528 Hz Rejuvenating Radiant Glow Facial Elixir packed with omega oils, natural high-performance actives and botanicals will leave your face feeling delicately soft, smooth and deeply nourished.


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